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Seeing this, Gu Shuo said no more. As soon as he raised his palm, a gold medal flew out of his hand, and then a golden light shone on the gate of the Honghuang Pagoda. Buzz! As the golden light shone, the surface of the Honghuang Pagoda suddenly flashed with golden light, faintly, as if forming a golden array, wrapping the whole stone pagoda in it. Lin Dong looked at the array that enveloped the stone pagoda. This array was obviously not owned by the stone pagoda itself. It should have been set up by the five masters themselves. Perhaps they wanted to use this method to prove to others that the flood pagoda belonged to the five masters. The golden light array envelops the stone pagoda, and then the golden light fluctuates, and a door of golden light appears and opens. "Go." Gu Shuo looked at the cracked door of golden light and said. Lin moved to nod, also not wordy, stepped forward, through the open door of golden light, and then the palm of his hand touched the cold stone door. Rumble. As Lin moved his palm, the flood tower suddenly trembled slightly, the closed stone door, but also slowly opened, a strong ancient breath, spread out, that moment, as if even the surrounding air, are filled with the taste of flood. Whew. Lin Dong took a deep breath of the ancient breath, but without the slightest hesitation, stepped out,tannic acid astringent, and then directly under the gaze of Gu Shuo, walked into the slightly dark stone pagoda. Boom. And after Lin Dong walked into the stone pagoda, the thick stone gate was slowly closed again, isolating the ancient world from the world. Da. Lin's footsteps, walking slowly in the dark stone pagoda, the space inside the pagoda, more vast than imagined, in the pagoda inlaid with some moonlight beads, soft light emitted,ghana seed extract, making the stone pagoda more empty and quiet. Empty. This is Lin Dong's first impression of the prehistoric pagoda. Looking ahead, there is nothing conspicuous in the empty space of the pagoda. Only the prehistoric atmosphere around it can make people aware of some extraordinary things here. As soon as Lin moved his palm, a force of devouring spread out, and immediately swallowed up a large amount of prehistoric gas, and as the prehistoric gas entered the body, he also immediately felt a hot and dry spread out in the body, the muscles and bones in the body were faintly hot. What a wonderful prehistoric spirit. Lin move double palm clenched, eyes filled with thick surprise color, at the beginning of the green pheasant left him "Tianlong gas", along with the strength of the promotion, has been gradually integrated into the body of Lin move, and lost the "Tianlong gas" moisture, Lin move blue sky dragon formula progress has become slower, and now, that kind of slow is obviously broken by the prehistoric gas.. It seems that this prehistoric pagoda really has the magic effect of tempering the body. If you practice here for a period of time, Lin Dong's blue sky formula will surely have a considerable improvement. Nice place. Lin Dong grinned, but as soon as the smile on his face appeared, rosmarinic acid supplement ,akba boswellic acid, he saw a white light rising from his body, and in the center of the light was a mysterious stone amulet. This mysterious stone amulet, finally can not help but take the initiative to appear. Buzz! The mysterious stone amulet was suspended in front of Lin Dong, and its whole body was white. It circled around Lin Dong, and immediately buzzed, turning directly into a white light and rushing away to the upper floor of Honghuang Pagoda. Lin move to see, the body yuan Li hurriedly surge up, the body into a light and shadow, quickly followed up. Swoosh! One by one, swept over the tower, brought up the low sound of the wind, rushed into the second floor of the flood tower, and then went straight up! (To be continued) Chapter 887 the prehistoric spirit like the sea. In the empty space of the tower, a white light suddenly flashed by, and after the white light passed by, a light and shadow followed quickly like maggots of the tarsus, and two broken winds tore the eternal silence of the tower. These two lights and shadows naturally follow the mysterious stone amulet all the way into the forest movement and mysterious stone amulet of Honghuang Pagoda. Before the sudden change of stone amulet, but also let Lin move feel helpless, for this rather terrible thing, he also has no absolute control, the latter a lot of behavior, he can not control, so, in the face of this situation, he in addition to honestly keep up with, it seems that there is no other way to read the whole red inflammation. It's the fifth floor.. When Lin Dong broke into the space inside the tower again, he suddenly felt his body suddenly sink, his eyes swept, and the prehistoric color around him became brighter, dark yellow luster, permeated with an unspeakable sense of thickness, and under such thickness, even Lin Dong felt like he was in a quagmire, and his body was no longer as flexible as before. Lin moved forcibly to resist the thick spread around, looked up at the speed of the stone amulet, can only bite the teeth, mind a move, devouring Zu Fu is from its Tianlinggai flash out, black devouring force quickly into a circle of light film, his body wrapped in. The power of devouring spread, and the thickness finally faded a lot, and then he saw the mysterious stone amulet that had begun to rush into the sixth floor. Damn it.. Lin moved with a wry smile and scolded, and then his body was swept out again. Although there were three kinds of gods in his body, the mysterious stone amulet, the devouring ancestral amulet, and the ancient array of heaven and earth, the mysterious stone amulet had no obvious effect on him, but he also understood that it was only because the spirit of the stone amu fell into a deep sleep. If it could be awakened in the future, it would not help him any less than devouring ancestral amulets. So He definitely can't give up the mysterious stone amulet easily. Next, Lin Dong is clenching his teeth, with the kind of more and more thick prehistoric spirit, all the way to the seventh floor with the mysterious stone amulet in one breath. And when Lin moved to the seventh floor, even if he had devoured Zu Fu to protect his body,jujube seed powder, he could feel that his muscles were under an extremely terrible pressure, and the prehistoric atmosphere around him almost became golden, as if he were in a sea of gold. prius-biotech.com