Violent doctor (complete)

The good baby walked to Ye Lin's side, raised his hand to pull down Ye Lin's sleeve, and asked, "Sister, when will we make a move later?" Ye Lin thought about it and said, "It depends. It's better to wait until Qinglong has taken control of the situation before we make a move." The good baby said "Oh" and said nothing more. In fact, she wanted to fight at the beginning. It's not interesting to wait for Qinglong to control the situation before making a move. But since Ye Lin said it, she could only do it. And she also knew that Ye Lin's choice was correct. It's really dangerous to do it at the beginning. It is estimated that it is very difficult for the Demons to deal with Qinglong. But it seems that it is not difficult to solve them. Acting rashly will only bring danger. At this time, Ye Lin received a message from Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, saying that he was ready and would soon begin to implement the plan. Ye Lin told Bradley that she and Qinglong and others had arrived at the scheduled location and could start to act. Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, already knew about this place, and the reason why he did not tell the Dark Emperor Ramos in advance was that he was not at ease with Ramos. It never hurts to be careful. After finishing the conversation with the eight-winged fallen angel Bradley, Ye Lin turned to Qinglong and said, "Qinglong, Bradley's side is about to start action. Let's hide it now." Qinglong nodded slightly, waved his hand, and the rosefinch, the white tiger, and the basalt went to find a place to hide themselves. And then. The Dark Emperor Ramos also went to look for a place. I'm going, too. You can find your own place. Qinglong finished and came to hide behind a stone. Ye Lin nodded slightly to the women, who understood and scattered around,tube lip gloss, either alone or together, hiding behind the stone. Ye Lin also sat down against a stone, holding the purple wand in the middle of her right hand and taking a hard breath to calm herself down. The next battlefield battle, can be said to be directly related to the final outcome of the battle of the demon world, she must fight in the best condition! Chapter 620 Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, was already standing at the door of the castellan mansion. Taking a deep breath, he stepped into the castellan mansion. As for the Demon guards on both sides of the gate of the castellan mansion, he simply ignored them. How can he say that he is also a castellan of the Demons,custom cosmetic packing, a small guard, naturally ignored. Walking into the castellan mansion, Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, went straight to the study. Coming to the door of the study, Bradley unconsciously clenched his right fist. Right hand palm, already have sweat. Although he was ready, after all, he was facing a powerful enemy who had killed two Demon city lords. If you're not nervous at all, that's not normal! Adjusting himself to his best condition, Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, kicked open the door of the study! "Die, Dibilla!" With a sudden wave of his right hand, a black energy ball flew quickly into the study. Hum! You're looking for death! Dibilla, sitting in a chair, empty lotion tubes ,cosmetic tube, sneered, but he didn't see any movement. The black energy ball released by Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, suddenly stopped in the air about a meter away from him, unable to move forward. Suddenly, Bradley had four more pairs of black wings. He took a hard look at Dibilla, waved four pairs of black wings behind him, and turned around and ran! Want to run? It's not that easy! Dibira stood up from his chair unhurriedly, waved his right hand casually, and the black energy ball that Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, had cast before disappeared. Stepping out of the study and looking at Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel who had flown far away, Dibilla stepped on the ground with both feet and ran after him in the air. Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, raised his speed to the extreme, and at this time his heart was actually very nervous. Although he told Ye Lin before that there would be absolutely no problem, in fact, this is not the case. Yes, he is very fast. It's much faster than the Dark Emperor Ramos. But it's not much faster than Rabbi Di. Moreover, I don't know if Dibila deliberately hid his strength. Shaking his head forcefully, Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, did not think about that at this time. The only thing he needed to think about now was to lead Dibilla into the trap as soon as possible! Dibilla followed Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, who seemed to be very leisurely. Bradley was about 500 meters ahead of him, and I don't know if he couldn't catch up or did it on purpose. Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, was flying at full speed, and the speed was terrible. But about twenty minutes later, he arrived at the appointed place. Four pairs of black wings behind him flapped hard, and his body suddenly settled in the air. Dibira then arrived and stopped about 500 meters away from Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, and did not immediately attack Bradley. Lord Bradley, why don't you run away? Dibilla looked at Bradley with a playful look, apparently not seeing Bradley in his eyes. Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, was not angry either. He looked at Dibilla in the distance with a smile and said, "Because there is no need to run, Dibilla, you can stay here today!" "Ha ha!" Dibilla stopped Bradley's words and laughed. "Interesting. Do you think you can beat me with your strength?" Bradley, the eight-winged fallen angel, shook his head and said, "Of course not. I admit, I can't beat you.". However Plus what about them? Suddenly, five figures flew into the sky, it is hidden blue dragon, rosefinch, white tiger, basalt, plus the dark emperor Ramos! "Oh?"? I didn't expect that there would be so many strong people. Dibilla looked at Qinglong and others and said lightly. Looking at him, he didn't seem surprised. Ye Lin,custom cosmetic packaging, who was hiding behind the stone, poked her head out slightly and looked at Dibila, who was suspended in the air in the distance.