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"It's a pity that you have suffered." "Teacher Gu." "I've done a lot of shit." "I know you won't blame me." "When you go out." Just forget about me. Gu Heng faintly heard something wrong and said anxiously, "I don't blame you. We're going out together, aren't we?"? Xiao yuan? Passed a long time, hear a very low voice "Hum." "Xiao yuan?" "Xiao yuan?"? Xiao yuan? “……… Well, I'm here. I'm not afraid. Gu Heng called his name over and over again, only to hear the response getting later and later, surrounded by darkness, he did not know Liu yuan's injuries, nor could he see his expression, never had such a great despair. Xiao yuan? "Xiao yuan?"? Are you still awake? Answer me? "Well.." Teacher Gu, I'm here. "You, don't, don't sleep, don't." Gu Heng sobbed. Teacher Gu. Liu yuan suddenly said. What's the matter? "Humid adiabatic cooling rate.." Liu yuan's voice was deep, "yes." Per kilometer.. Six degrees Celsius.. Gu Heng broke down in tears: "You still remember." "Of course.." Remember That day, in the classroom,saw palmetto extract, our rings.. He gasped for a moment. "Sorry." I went back to look for it. But I didn't find it. "Can you forgive me?" "No, the ring is there!" Gu Heng spoke quickly and trembled: "I put it away. It's still there. It's always there." Liu yuan paused and then said with a smile, "So.." It's still there. "Great." "Teacher Gu, save your strength and stop talking." I.. Sleep for a while, just for a while, I promise. The author has something to say: I remember that when they broke up,phycocyanin spirulina, all the messages I received asked me to abuse Liu yuan (holding his chin). Chapter 88 Chapter 88 Gu Heng woke up in the hospital. He fought back a splitting headache and tried to recall everything. What's going on? At that time, I seemed to be crushed under the ruins, and then. Xiaoyuan.. Where is Xiaoyuan?! He immediately turned over and got out of bed, only to hear a clang, the bottle rack connected to the back of his hand fell to the ground, the tray was scraped off, and the glass bottle clattered on the ground. Only then did he discover that there was still a needle in the back of his hand. He pulled out the needle decisively and ran out barefoot. "Nurse!"! Nurse "This, this patient, how did you run out?"? Go back! "The man I came with, how is he?" "What man?"? What's your name? "Call Liu." Liu yuan.. Gu Heng's heart was beating so fast that it was about to stop. You know each other? Are you a relative of his? Yes, I am! Tell me! How's the kid?! Gu Heng rushed forward and grabbed her clothes and shook them. You You wait. The little nurse turned around and asked the head nurse, lycopene for skin ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, "The one who was seriously injured in the beam collapse accident on Shanxi Road, Liu yuan, how is it now?" Hearing the words "the injury is very serious", Gu Heng immediately tightened his nerves. The head nurse thought for a moment and said, … When he was brought in, he had lost too much blood and went into shock. His abdomen was smashed through a hole. Fortunately, there was waste blocking it. His spine was overloaded, compressed and damaged, and there was a possibility of deformation. He had just finished the operation and was now in the intensive care unit for observation. The more Gu Heng listened, the more frightened he became. His whole body shook uncontrollably. He collapsed and shouted, "How many layers?"! On what floor? "On the twelfth floor, hello-this patient!"! Where are you going! Your body hasn't recovered yet, so you can't run! At the same time, outside the intensive care unit on the twelfth floor, Liu yuan's entire family stood guard outside the door. Liu Yuzheng paced back and forth to make phone calls and call better experts. Liu Fu sat up and looked at the corridor without saying a word. A burst of running sound suddenly sounded, Gu Heng appeared in the corridor, wearing a light blue hospital gown, chest together. Several pairs of eyes stared at him in unison. Gu Heng stood barefoot on the cold ground. "Let me see him," he said with courage. He and Liu yuan were sent to the hospital together, and he knew that their relationship could not be concealed until now. Liu Yu's eyes like nails in Gu Heng's body, stay put. Father Liu couldn't take care of the relationship between the two at the moment. He took a deep breath and slapped the chair with a bang. "The doctor said his spine was deformed. Do you know what that means?!" Then he stood up, "what if Liu yuan is paralyzed?" Gu Heng burst into tears and blurted out, "I raise him!" The people present were stunned. I'll take care of him all my life! You can rest assured. Gu Heng finished sobbing. Father Liu stared and his lips wriggled slightly. What do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to raise my son for me? "Who is the patient's family?" A nurse suddenly came up. I am Liu Yu immediately said, "I'm his brother, and these two are his parents." "You all come here and tell you the details of the patient's current situation." The family immediately followed the nurse into the elevator, Gu Heng opened his mouth, watching them disappear, he was anxious and desperate in situ, suddenly turned to look into the glass window, instantly legs weak. He saw Liu yuan lying alone in the dark ward, only the instrument flashing a faint and cold green light. He took a few steps forward, touched the glass with his thin fingers, tears trickled into his mouth, and murmured, "Xiao yuan.." "Xiao yuan." "Does it hurt." With his head against the glass and his fists clenched, he hated himself for not having his label on him. Ten minutes later, Liu came back in advance. His face was gloomy. Gu Heng hurried forward and said,fenugreek saponins, "Can you tell me about him?" "Come here." Liu Yu glanced at him and kept walking to the stairway. Gu Heng followed him to the safety exit and was suddenly lifted up, and before he could react, his face was hit with a solid fist. You are so bold that you dare to come to die. You are such a bitch. It's not enough to make my brother lie in the hospital. You also come to show off in front of our whole family. What's wrong? My old man is so old that he thinks no one can take care of you? ——”。