A strong man in Wulin

"You certainly don't know what I have in mind," said Huyan. I have hardly spoken to a woman in ten years, and certainly not in bed with one. I've almost forgotten women. Nan Feiyan said, "It's impossible for you to concentrate on practicing swordsmanship. But now it's different. You just need to relax now. Any trace of nervousness is bad for you. Ordinary people think that it takes energy to *** between men and women in bed. In fact, it's not the case at all.". Of course you do, don't you? "This must be Yan Bei's good intention," said Huyan. "The king of swords will certainly support him. That's what I think, because they don't want me to lose. "That's true, but why?" Asked Yan Feiyan in surprise. "Because I'm the ideal person to try the sword or the sword," said Huyan. "Do you understand what I mean?" Nan Feiyan nodded and said, "Yes!"! Even your precious sword can be taken away. "No," said Huyan! I have entrusted this knife to boss Lei, and he will give it to my son. Nan Feiyan murmured, "If Lei Aohou can't do this, he must be very, very painful.." "Even if he can't do it," said Huyan, "the sword will be returned to my son. Because my spirit must be attached to the sword, I will kill all those who want to seize the sword. This is very sad and horrible. Nan Feiyan shivered and said, "Fortunately,empty cosmetic tubes, I have absolutely no desire to covet.". I'm just a female spider! The spider certainly doesn't have to use the blade of the sorrowful demon. "Mother spider?" Said Huyan? I don't understand? "You will soon understand that I am not only a female spider, but also a golden female spider," said Nanfei Yanmei with a smile. She said later (after a long time of passionate action), "Huyan, do you know that female spiders are terrible?"? Because every time the male spider is courted in every way and finally gets the great desire, the female spider suddenly forgets the process of making love. She would bite the male spider to keep him from escaping, and then slowly eat him as a delicious and nourishing meal.. If these words had been said earlier,plastic cosmetic tubes, any man's desire would have cooled immediately and become the most incompetent man in the world. Huyan gave a wry smile and said, "I don't care about life and death, but if I die in bed and at your hands, it's really frustrating and terrible in my imagination.". Are you going to kill me? Why "I'm a golden female spider," said Nan Feiyan. "Remember what I said. Now I want to eat other male spiders. I don't want to eat you." Who are the other male spiders? Why would she "eat" someone? Huyan banished guests and couldn't figure it out. As a matter of fact, he had no intention of thinking about it again, because the love that had suddenly ignited in his heart had been completely extinguished, like a bud crushed by a rolling boulder. Second, he was very eager to close his eyes for a while. So he suddenly fell asleep and left the real world behind for a while. Since Nan Feiyan left the hall earlier, the eyes of several people in the hall had focused on Tao Zhengzheng. Tao Zhengzheng had already shrunk in the corner, but at this time he was still trying to shrink back. If he is strong enough, he will collapse the wall sooner or later. Fortunately, they soon began to talk, and no matter what they talked about, tube lip gloss ,cosmetic plastic tube, Tao Zhengzheng only had to keep his five pairs of eyes as sharp as knives away from him. Although Tao Zhengzheng has vowed to kill these people (who are unparalleled in the world) and has begun to do so, of course, he is not sure whether he will succeed. If these people are easy to kill, how can they rank among the first-class people? Lei Ao Hou was explaining the difference between Jainism and Brahmanism. His knowledge was so vast that everyone could only listen. But Tao Zhengzheng shook his head and sighed to himself. Lei Aohou immediately noticed and asked, "Which of these great theories do you disagree with?"? Tao Zhengzheng, you are despicable or noble, brave or cowardly, you choose the right path or Machiavellian means, and so on, all have something to do with your outlook on life, we might as well discuss a little, anyway, the night is long.. Tao Zhengzheng shrank his neck, but when he saw that no one had any objection or objection, he became bold. Tao: "If there is reincarnation, if those religious masters really believe in these theories, it is best to show us some miracles, I believe, otherwise it is superstition.". Why do we worship idols of wood and stone? Why should we believe in vague and absurd myths? Why accept unprovable ideas? There were four people nodding in the hall, except Lei Ao Hou, but Lei Ao Hou did not look frustrated, but smiled. Tao Zhengzheng's words are also sharper. He added, "Successful people are because of their efforts. They are not given by immortals and Bodhisattvas. You can't even get a hundred thousand kowtows. You must work hard.". Some people worship God all their lives, and the result may be very tragic. In a word, praying to God and worshipping Buddha is only the act of a foolish man and a foolish woman. Any theory must be able to be proved. It must be able to be seen, heard and touched. Now all eyes are focused on Lei Ao Hou to see if he answers. "You can represent the ideas of young people and people who pay attention to material comforts," Lei said. It's the same now and in the future, but I'll ask you a few simple questions first, so that I don't misunderstand you. Tao Zhengzheng shouted, "OK, please!" "First," said Lei Aohou, "are you opposed to religious beliefs and sacrifices because you think there are no gods?" Tao Zhengzheng nodded. "Second," said Lei Aohou, "you oppose the theory of retribution and the final judgment of heaven and hell because there is no soul at all." Tao Zhengzheng nodded. The third point is that the formation of the universe, the birth and death of all things, and other phenomena are only due to the aggregation of matter. As for the mind, the spirit is only gathered and dispersed with the material? No unique value? Tao Zhengzheng nodded repeatedly. Fourth, where there is cause, there is effect, and where there is effect, there is cause. Do you think it's wrong that fate and luck are just accidents? Although Tao Zhengzheng nodded, his heart could not help but be filled with doubts, why did Lei Aohou say every question to his heart? And he can't organize himself so well at all. But how can Lei Ao Hou? "Fifth," Lei Aohou continued,plastic laminated tube, "do you think life should be lived in time, should be enjoyed, and even break the shackles of morality?" 。 emptycosmetictubes.com