The world of good and evil

Fan Shu nodded and said, "It's a pity that we haven't sent them out of the city yet." "Do you want to save them?" Makino said sarcastically. Fan Shu nodded his head seriously, so seriously that one could not doubt his sincerity. He suddenly smiled again and said, "I want to thank you!" "Thank me for what?" Asked Makino Jingfeng in surprise. "Thank you for not telling me at the critical moment," said Fan Shu. "Otherwise, not only would they have died, but I would have lost my own life." Muye Jingfeng said coldly, "But in this way, although you survived, Yaya died." Yaya's body has been a cold, Muye Jingfeng and she depend on each other, even his own heart has a kind of coolness. "Do you think I caused her death?" Asked Fan Shu. "Isn't it?" Asked Makino Jingfeng? You deliberately let someone search my house and let Yaya know about me, didn't you? Fan Shu sighed and said, "I know you're definitely not the one who killed the castellan Aiji. That's why I suggested going to your residence to find out. I thought they couldn't find any evidence. In this way, wouldn't it indirectly prove your innocence?"? Who would have thought they'd find your clothes? Who would have thought that Yaya would save you in that way? After a pause, he added, "Besides, even if I were an evil man,aluminium laminated tube, I wouldn't harm a weak woman who has no martial arts for no reason, would I?"? What can I gain by harming her? Makino Jingfeng was asked: "Yes, Fan Shujia harm Yaya, what can he get?"? But how could Makino Shizuku believe in Fan Shu? He sneers at a way: "Although I do not know what is the purpose that you hide water tea sleeve, like frost them, but I can say for sure that this is definitely a conspiracy." Their master was wounded and subdued after you attacked him, so how can you save them again? Fan Shu said,pump tube, "It is because I indirectly caused the death of their master that I will try to save them." This is simply unreasonable and illogical, so Makino Shizumi could not help sneering out loud! "It sounds counterintuitive, but it's true," Fan said with a straight face. "Do you think I'm a three-year-old boy?" Asked Makino Shizuko. "Their master appeared with his face covered, didn't he?" Asked Fan Shu. "So what?" Asked Makino Jingfeng. "So I didn't expect that the person I tried to surprise would be my savior," said Fan Shu. Makino Jingfeng felt a shock in his heart and his eyes widened. Respect the benefactor? Fan Shu continued: "He kept his face covered until I arrived at the scene after his death. When I recognized him as the benefactor who taught me my life six years ago, I could hardly bear the fact!" His face was heavy and remorseful, and no one could doubt his sincere feelings. Makino Jingfeng slowly put down Yaya's body. Fan Shu was silent for a moment and said, "My surname is not Fan, but Shen. I am the son of Shen Si, the Marquis of Jiangnan Sword.". Six years ago, the Lord of Death Valley suddenly sent dozens of experts to besiege our Shen family. At that time, there were more than 30 members in our Shen family, polyfoil tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, but all of them were killed! Had it not been for the sudden death of Shui Hongxiu's master, I would have died long ago. The people of Death Valley have always been exterminated to prevent future trouble. How can they let me live? Even though my benefactor had excellent martial arts, he was still in danger under their encirclement and annihilation. Later, when he saw that it was really difficult to get away with me, he hid me in a carriage, and then he went out to distract the people in Death Valley. Unexpectedly, after a quarter of an hour, the owner of the carriage came to harness the horse and pulled the carriage away. I was very anxious to hide in the carriage behind the carriage, but I didn't dare to show myself, because I knew that if I was exposed, I would die! Makino Shizuku couldn't help but interject, "Why did he save you?" "I don't know," said Fan Shu. "It's just that his tone seems to be that he wants to accept me as an apprentice. He says I'm a good material for martial arts. Frankly speaking, I was very willing to be his disciple at that time. I think if I have his martial arts, I will have a chance to avenge my family! I didn't expect to see him again by mistake-until he died-and his death was caused by me! "What does this have to do with your saving the ice and water?" Fan Shu said, "When I knew that I had hurt my benefactor, I felt extremely complicated and painful, so I left you and went to get drunk alone.". The family feud on my shoulders made me act very carefully, because I knew that the people in Death Valley had never given up their pursuit of me. Even if I drank, I would not drink with acquaintances. I was afraid of making a slip of the tongue after drinking. Exposed his true identity, thus bringing about the disaster of killing himself! After a pause, he added, "My death is a small matter, but if I can't avenge my family, it's a big one!"! I got drunk in a humble hotel in the city of Batian. I walked back until it was dark. I didn't expect to go the wrong way in a daze. It was because I went the wrong way that I found them. My wine suddenly woke up. At that time, both of us were stunned and at a loss. "Water tea was the first to react, and her hand pressed on the hilt of her sword!" "At this time, if there is a conflict between the two sides, they will naturally suffer. At that time, the frost was already injured.". They couldn't have gotten away if they had alarmed anyone else — I learned later that people thought they had escaped, but that wasn't the case. It was mainly because of the frost's injuries. They knew their situation, so they didn't do it first. Fan Shu looked at Makino Jingfeng and said, "Then I suddenly thought: I killed my benefactor. Why don't I try to save his two disciples now?"? In this way, you can probably redeem a little of your sins, right? So I was busy trying to persuade them to bring them to this room. I've been looking for a chance to take them out, but so far I haven't succeeded. Hearing this, Makino Jingfeng hesitated, according to the model book, it seems to be a reasonable explanation, but to fully believe him, Makino Jingfeng felt a little uneasy. "If you can get away with it,plastic laminted tube," said Fan Shu suddenly, "Uncle Cheng must be dead, isn't he?" "What do you mean?" Asked Makino Jingfeng. 。